Second Annual Puzzle Contest for Charity

It’s that time again: I am proud to announce a puzzle contest that I have created, “Sports Widow”. I am using it to raise money for a local charity, Transitions. Randomly selected winners will receive gift certificates; this year I’ll ask the winners to choose either a Thinkgeek or Amazon gift certificate.

The contest will run through February 14th, 2013. Interested people need to get a puzzle pack (see next sentence), solve the puzzles inside, and follow the directions given there. To make a donation and get the puzzle pack and make a donation, click the button:

Alternatively, if you’ve “given at the office” (or are a starving student, or just don’t want to donate to this particular charity), you can send me an email at sportswidow at sign to request a set of puzzles for free, no annoying questions asked. (Also, no non-annoying questions!)  Also, if you’re having troubles with the button let me know at that email address.

After the end of the contest period, I will randomly choose two people who sent me correct answers as winners, and will then send them their gift certificates.

UK donations to UK charities get a bump called “Gift Aid” which I’ve not quite figured out exactly how it works but it means the charities get more money somehow. If you are a UKian and want some extra bang for your buck, I’ve identified Refuge as a similar UK-based charity. You can donate to them, then send me an email at sportswidow at sign to let me know, and I’ll send you the puzzles (just as above).

There are nine puzzles (plus a tenth “meta” puzzle to get the final answer), mostly word-based with a little bit of logic.  The main puzzles are named for a sport; however no detailed knowledge about the sports are necessary to solve the associated puzzles. I’ve tried to go for a generally gentle solving experience, although there may be one or two tricky points to navigate through.  (As with last year, I am definitely aiming for a general audience, so detailed knowledge of various different puzzle types shouldn’t be necessary.  This year’s set is probably slightly more difficult than last year’s, but I believe it to be doable by ordinary mortals.)

I could give you a receipt, but I’m just this guy, you know? I’m certainly not registered with the IRS. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, then I suggest donating to the charity directly (if you’re donating to Transitions, you can use the link above to find their donation page; or you can donate to a charity of your own choice — it’s your money, after all). I won’t mind; just send me an e-mail so I can send you the puzzle pack.   If you’re having troubles using the button on Transitions’ page, you’re not alone; shoot me an email and I can send along a direct link you can use to donate to them.

12 thoughts on “Second Annual Puzzle Contest for Charity

  1. Jason Deakins

    I can’t seem to get that donate button to work. It just takes me to my paypal account page.

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  6. Bruce N. Morton

    Sorry I just found out about this (February 13). I guess it’s too late to extend the deadline, since it has already been announced.

    1. tabstop Post author

      That’s true — however if you still want to play I expect you can get through the puzzles in an evening (assuming you have either tonight or tomorrow night “free”).

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